Hidenori Goto
Samurai Flamenco 2
Vital statistics
Position Police Officer
Age 24
Gender Male
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 181-182cm

A policeman who is diligent in his work, but doesn't have a strong sense of justice. He finds out who Samurai Flamenco is one day, and his daily life has become busy and troublesome since. He is 24 years old.


Hidenori is a usually calm but stern young man with a slightly bleaker outlook on life than Masayoshi, this is most likely due to the tragic incident that was the loss of his girlfriend in high school. Due to this event he now sends himself text messages to comfort himself over her loss. He seems to be less naive than Masayoshi in many ways, but can still be quite childish himself when given the right situation. Overall he seems to have a good understanding of the concept of good and evil, however he did not seem to notice/care as much before he met Masayoshi.

Relationships Edit

Masayoshi Hazama Edit

Prior to meeting Masayoshi, Goto had little to no friends. Because of this, the two quickly became attached to one another, phoning each other in times of need and even spending time at each other's houses. Though Goto often sees Masayoshi as being childish and naive, he still respects and cares for him, and even aids him in his vigilant crime-fighting.

In episode 22, Masayoshi proposes to Goto telling him that he wishes to protect him and do everything for him that his girlfriend never had the chance to. Though Goto does not give him a straight answer at the time, they are shown to be getting married in the mobile card game, with Masayoshi's card being titled "June Bride" and Goto's being titled "Raising a Toast".

In the manga subsequent to the anime, Samurai Flamenco: Another Days, Masayoshi and Goto are shown to still be living together and are portrayed as being closer and relatively more comfortable with one another.

Mari Maya Edit

Mari is shown to have a deep physical attraction to Goto, which Goto often dismisses and ignores, much to her dismay. He initially is not fond of Mari and her attempts to seduce him but, throughout the series, he grows to not mind her, even allowing her to temporarily live in his apartment when she was experiencing immense stress and sadness.


While Hidenori does not have many special abilities he is able to use many common weapons police use. He is shown to be a fairly skilled shot and has probably undergone standard police training.

Trivia Edit

  • Goto's "girlfriend" is not real. Goto has been sending text messages to himself acting as her. In actuality, he lost his girlfriend on a bus when they were in high school.
  • In the mobile game, Goto's "girlfriend" tells Goto that he should go be with Masayoshi.
  • After the proposal in episode 22, Masayoshi becomes Goto's husband.